Beautifly WordPress Theme

wordpress-theme is a beautiful responsive word press theme for blogs with silver white background. It is one of the best quality theme that it is perfect for every user, if you want to give your blog a new light look, then it’s a perfect choice for you, it doesn’t matter what kind of blog you are running or what kind of content you are publishing, it is applicable on every kind of information.

Why we have to use themes?

Themes are applied to change the look and feel of your blog so that the visitors won’t get bored by looking at the same layout.

From a developer’s perspective, a theme makes work of a professional developer easy. There are thousands of well crafted, beautiful themes exist on web that can be useful in all kinds of website making or for blogging.


  • Social Links Support: This theme has a built in support for all the famous networking sites, Icons of social media can be displayed using this theme. These buttons are linked to the services like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and allow users of your blog to access your social pages easily.
  • Screen Size: It is a full width theme without any margins and displays your content on the full page in the browser.
  • Responsive: It’s a responsive theme; responsive themes are called mobile friendly. It is a design used to develop sites which provide good interaction experience, excellent viewing, navigation with resizing, scrolling and provide an easy reading facility for every kind of device like computers, laptops, mobiles, tablets etc.
  • Devices Supported: We have three versions of this theme mobile, tablet and PC.
  • Logo Upload: You can upload logo of your blog if you have one.