Refund Policy

A payment of 30% of the total cost of the whole project is required upfront, which is not refundable in any case.

In case if it is decided ahead of time that a percentage of less than 30% will be paid, and after the completion of the project, client decides that they don’t want the project then they will still have to pay at least 30% of the total cost.

If there are bugs in the software, Visio Spark will review and fix the bugs free of cost, within three months after the project deployment.

However Visio Spark will not be liable for any damage or lost occurred at the client end by using our product.

If the client is not satisfied with our services then they must inform us ahead of time by contacting us or sending us their concerns in written form.

Any change or addition of requirement will cost the buyer more money, once the agreement is signed between both the parties.

For more detailed information please contact us or send us a query mentioning your concerns and we will surely assist you in best way possible.

Security Policy

Our customer’s security is our top most priority here at Visio Spark. We realize that any business must protect their data, especially when it comes to online data.

Any organization would be concerned whether their data will be safe on the website when potential hackers and automated bots are always searching for websites with weak security to exploit them.

We understand your concerns that’s why when it comes down to it we take our costumers security very seriously we provide basic protection against potential hackers in all our projects keeping in mind that what kind of organization we are dealing with and potential threats they might face.

Our basic protection protects our customers against common attacks like SQL Injections, Html injections and other attacks of same kind, which a common website needs to be concerned with, whether they are dealing in E-Commerce, E-Banking or other various domains. If you are still not satisfied and have some specific security needs you want addressed you can talk to our security expert to accommodate your special needs.

Privacy Policy

Visio Spark uses cookies to provide unique and personalized experience to each visitor.

Our costumer’s information at Visio Spark is kept completely discrete and secure at all times under strict regulations. Any security breach will be dealt sternly and we do have systems in place for that.

Customer’s information is used for communications purposes only. The information is never passed on to any third party organization.

We have a strict no spam policy towards our customers we know how annoying it could be when your inbox keeps on piling up with useless emails from unknown senders which you have no concern with.

So rest assured that your information and contact details are safe and secure with us and we don’t use our customer details without their consent.

Terms & Condition

If you wish to deal with Visio Spark you are agreeing to following terms and conditions:

  • Any project assigned to Visio Spark will be kept in a written form either by email or in hard copy defining the conditions and nature of dealing.
  • Any work done or the code written including the graphics and layouts remains the property of Visio Spark until working is complete and the payment have been settled.
  • Coding techniques used will remain intellectual property of Visio spark which means we can use the ideas applied for other parties.
  • Software written may not be copied without the consent of Visio Spark as it is considered copyright infringement and against the law unless it has been specified in the contract otherwise.
  • If you want to terminate our services you must inform us in a written form.
  • Once the project is completed and the customer is satisfied with the job after that Visio Spark will not be held liable for losses of any kind that might occur as of using the software or a website.
  • Visio Spark reserves the right to terminate its services at any time without giving any valid reason at the time of negotiation.


All the interactive portions of this website are considered as a service and by using these services you are agreeing to comply with the terms and conditions of our services and our website.

  • All the contents, articles and material provided on Visio Spark are sole property of Visio Spark which shall under no circumstances be reproduced however may be used for informational purposes.
  • In no event shall Visio Spark or its employee be liable of any loss or damage occurred of any nature arising out of the use or inability of the costumer to use our product.
  • Including but not limited to CLAIMS, SUITS, or causes of action involving copyrights, infringement, patents and trademarks. Unless applicable by law or agreed in writing.
  • We are not responsible for the accuracy of content and the information provided on this website and may change it from time to time.
  • You may not post any obscene, inappropriate or unlawful content in any section of the website.
  • You cannot use  any section of the website for selling any goods or services for commercial purposes
  • In any case you are not permitted to upload any 3rd party content with falsified information contained within.
  • We may disclose the page traffic information to law agencies to comply with the law.
  • User discretion is advised if you choose to follow and external link from our website.
  • Visio Spark may use 3rd party advertisement companies to serve you adds when you visit our website, which may use your information about your visits to this and other websites not including your personal information.