A methodology is an approach of “doing something” with a defined set of rules, methods, tests activities, deliverables, and processes which typically serves to solve a specific problem. An example of a business methodology would be how, in a defined, planned manner, you test something, validate results, establish the deliverables and determine how to improve and monitor that “thing” on an ongoing basis. Methodologies demonstrate a well thought out, defined, repeatable approach. Using well worn methodologies provides a lot of support to the validity of the way you do something and the results you get which is important to your clients.

Our core software development methodology is based on agile development process which is an alternative to traditional and worn-out methodologies like waterfall method, spiral development method etc. This process accommodates unpredictability in the development process like adding or removing functionality from an ongoing project at any phase in the development process which keeps the clients at ease throughout the process.

Our process starts out with an in-depth discussion with our client while trying to find out what they want instead of what they say and then set on designing an optimized solution that best fits their specific need.

Starting out with an abstract structure while defining how that structure will scale with the complexity of problems posed by a unique product in that specific domain. Keeping in mind the specific needs of the costumer and what would help them in the long run.

Next we set out to develop the actual product and filling in the missing blanks as we go along the process and involve the client at each phase in the decision-making process. When there is a critical decision to be made, we help them in the decision-making process by guiding them through our experiences and what we have learned through trial and test methods to make sure that the best solution is applied to the problem.

We strive to accomplish the task within the given time frame while making sure that the best quality and standards are maintained throughout the development process. Then we move on to implementing next phase of our development which involves rigorous testing and debugging of code.

Finally, after getting a go-ahead from the quality assurance team, the final project is deployed.