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What is Logo?

A logo is an icon of company’s recognition, identity of your company is visually expressed by its logo. A graphic mark, emblem, sign, trademark or symbol which reflects the identity of a product, company or an organization is named as logo.


Benefits of designing a logo

Today, every big organization or brand like apple, pepsi, cocacola, nike etc has their logo.

  • Image Building: Companies want to look bigger and established, a logo can provide you that factor.
  • Attracting Clients: More that 40% of people remember what they saw than what they read. So graphics in the form of logo, associated with your company, helps a company in attracting clients.
  • Building Reputation: It is helpful in showing that your company has a reputation in market.
  • Represents your company: A logo represents your company and it explains the name of your company.
  • Show you Commitment: It shows your commitment towards your work, your devotion towards your work.
  • Market Trend: Designing a logo has become a trend in industry every big or small organization has its logo.
  • Explain Line of your Business: A logo clarifies to audience, what your company is all about.


Our Experts

If your company is looking to grow in market or to make an impact, you will defiantly need a logo. Designing a logo is not all about choosing right pictures; it is more about creativity and implementing*/bringing some raw ideas into reality. Fortunately, Visio Spark has a team of talented Graphic Designers who can create one logo for your organization. Our graphic designers are expert in creating all kind of logos as our mission is to make your business look great by providing hassle free, fast and affordable logo designs.

Our Pricing

Logo Design

  • 2 Logo design concepts
  • 2 Revisions
  • Master File Included
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Custom Package

Need More From Us?
  • 4+ Concepts
  • 5 Revisions
  • Fonts and Color Codes
  • Custom email signature design
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Hire a Full Time Graphic Designer

$500 / month
  • 2+ years experience
  • 8 hours/day
  • Google Talk, MSN, Skype talk availability
  • Managed by you