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May Event

Visio spark is an active member of technology based community. It participates actively on different platforms for connection building between various organizations and professionals. One such event was recently held by the biggest job search based company It was one of a kind event held for the first time in MULTAN. All the organizations from different back grounds from different service sectors were invited to participate along with the aspiring candidates looking for jobs.

Organizations participated in great numbers, showcasing their talents and services, it was a great platform for professional link building for organizations and professionals both.

Visio spark had a personal booth set up. It was a great experience and a great place to be.


Also participated in the event promoting their faculties in different departments along with the aspiring students and fresh graduates looking for networking and searching for job opportunities. We got a great feedback from students as we are currently providing internship programs for students and fresh graduates in order to prepare them for their professional careers.


participated in great numbers too trying to explore various options to further develop their careers. Visio spark is actively looking to hire local talent and interacted with many professional from different technical backgrounds and invited them to join our organization. It was a great networking experience overall.