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C# is also known as C-sharp. It is an elegant but powerful programming language. Which is safe type and supports object oriented paradigm. It was initially developed by Microsoft to encounter some of the problems that developers faced with C ++ and other languages like java.

Its name consists of a symbol of musical notation sharp which usually indicates high pitch. As its symbol resembles four “+” signs in a two by two grid together making a sharp sign #. This sign symbolizes C++ extension, and supports a lot of advanced features which were not present in C++ like garbage collection E.T.C


What is Dot Net (.NET)

The programs in C# run on Dot Net Framework.

 .NET Framework is a software platform released by Microsoft in 2002.

An important part of Windows is a virtual execution system called the common language runtime (CLR). It is a unified set of class libraries. Which are suitable for different programming languages. The functionality of the CLR is available in all programming languages, which are using this medium.


Our Team

We have highly experienced and trained developers who have key expertise in Dot Net frame work. We have successfully delivered many projects over the years to our clients. Including extension of existing projects and implementing standalone systems developed completely in C-Sharp.

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C# Development

  • Cross Platform Compatible Applications
  • Business Processing Solutions
  • .Net Development in C#
  • Web Crawling
  • WPF
  • Component Development
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  • Custom .Net Applications
  • Shopping Cart Development
  • CRM system
  • Content Management System
  • eCommerce Development
  • Mobile Connectivity using .NET
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Hire a Full Time C# Developer

$1200 / month
  • 2+ years experience
  • 8 hours/day
  • Google Talk, MSN, Skype talk availability
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